Buying property can be a complicated process but we made it very easy. find below our step by step buying guide. 

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Our buying guide



Getting your finance in place, location and requirements

To find the right property more easily you must consider the most important elements below 

  • Finance - make a realistic budget and consider where you may need to be flexible

  • Location - Identify the ideal location and a property type to live in , as well as outdoor space and commutable distances.

  • Amenities - you must think about the amenities you would like to live close to, such as transport links , hospitals, shops and restaurants 

  • Buy-to-let - If you are buying to let, think about what your tenants would like, as this may influence the type of property and area you choose to invest in. For example, a young family would be attracted to open spaces, good schools and convenient transport links






This legal specialist will manage any negotiations to do with the purchase of the property on your behalf. They'll check all the paperwork is in order and look after the details of the contract for you.




This legal specialist will manage any negotiations to do with the purchase of the property on your behalf. They'll check all the paperwork is in order and look after the details of the contract for you.



Instructing a solicitor

Instructing a solicitor is the primary step to be followed in the process. After that if a sale is agreed, the process will be fast and things will be easygoing. Our conveyancing service put forward no act, no fee offer that takes no charges if the intended work is not done. Terms and conditions apply.



Putting forward an offer

Your accounts will help you to make an offer in selected branches. You can also review all offers and viewings you have made. We will ask you about your deposit availability and intended way to fund the purchase of your property (i.e. 10% of purchase price). If u need a mortgage, we will ask you to deal with our professional mortgage adviser. In case you have your own mortgage arranged, we will need you to give an agreement in principle (AIP) document.



Offer accepted

For binding a contract lawfully, there is the need of exchange of the contract. We can help every step of the way: from now until exchange, u will need to be in a regular contact with your solicitor. Our conveyancing guide will also help you in working things out. On the acceptance of an offer, we will inform your solicitor, the seller and the seller's solicitor and confirm the details of the sale.




You have not instructed a solicitor? Not a big deal, you may do so now. We offer our conveyancing service that will help you with as little stress as possible. It’s a no act no fee offer. Obtain an instant quote.



Survey and mortgage offer

If you get a mortgage, there will be a survey of your property reserved by a surveyor on the behalf of the mortgage lender. The surveyor will negotiate all the possible issues that might need to look at while purchasing a property.

The following process is to keep their interest not yours. Once they have received the survey report and are found satisfied they will issue a mortgage offer to your solicitor. For a survey on your own interest, we recommend you Landmark Surveyors.



Exchanging contracts

Exchange of contracts takes place when both the sides get agreed on a sale to be legally binding. For a successful exchange make sure you have paid a fair deposit to your solicitors account (i.e. 10% of the purchase price). Your solicitor will let you know when the contracts have been exchanged. The completion date is place by mutual agreement.



The Completion

The completion is a step far when you have shifted the remaining purchase price to your solicitor by the agreed completion date. The completion is the phase when your property purchase is finalized.

On confirmation of the clear money transfer by your solicitor, you will have your keys in hand.

We are here to ease you and drive innovative ways of business. If you need further guidance just contact us openly. We ensure you will obtain professional, responsive and efficient services.

We do not charge for our advice, there is a fee £400 charges for processing your mortgage application. However the actual fee will rely on your situation.